Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Is it possible to get filthy rich with currency trading?
A: Here’s another story. Long before George Soros became the political figure he is today, he was a currency trader. And on September 16th, 1992, he made $1 billion in a single day, in the currency markets. That was a perfect storm, and he was a professional investor. Most of us will never become billionaires in the currency markets. However, it’s packed with opportunities. There’s actually more than $6 TRILLION traded every day in currencies. Which creates a ton of profit potential. Even for “the little guy.” I’ve made my living and my fortune from trading currencies, and now have a $600 million investment fund. With the right skills, there is significant moneymaking potential here.
Q: But what about normal folks, is it possible to make good money?
A: Absolutely. You’ve seen the checks. Those are all profits shared from a $50,000 trading account. For single trading sessions. It’s been proven over and over again. With the right model for success, and the right methods, you can make far more in an hour than the average American makes in a day of hard work. And the only way to figure out how much you can make is to give it a try, following my model that you get in your Trader Startup Bundle.
Q: Does everybody who follows you get rich?
A: No. Of course not. I’m not selling some magic pill to instant wealth. There are always some people who just buy training like the Trader Startup Bundle, and don’t do anything with it. There are also folks who don’t follow directions, and stubbornly try to fix what’s not broken. There are also folks who don’t commit to learning and getting experience, and give up before they ever really get started. However, I sent out more than 2,000 checks last year to the folks who committed to success and stuck with it. And those people don’t just have the opportunity to make money from me. These are skills that they can use for life, trading their own money, creating an entrepreneurial income, and perhaps even getting rich.
Q: Do you actually have $600 million available for your students to trade?
A: Absolutely. The Apiary Fund is a Utah-based investment fund with traders all over the world. We have over $600 million in the markets, and have traded as much as $8 billion in total volume in a single month. The Apiary Fund is a separate company from Trader on the Street, however the skills you learn from your Trader Startup Bundle are a great first step toward trading a portion of the $600 million fund.
Q: Can I really trade your money and keep the profits?
A: My highest wish for you is that you will develop the skills necessary to join us as a trader for the fund. This is a major reason I created the training now being offered through Trader on the Street. We do have an extensive process for onboarding traders at the Apiary Fund, as explained in How to Fund Your Trading Startup as part of your Trader Startup Bundle. Not everyone who goes through Trader on the Street training qualifies or even chooses to become one of my traders. If you do choose to go through that process and become a funded trader, you will qualify for monthly checks — your share of profits from your trading.
Q: How can I start getting checks in the mail?
A: Of course if you apply these skills to trade your own money, you’ll be able to have your profits mailed to you, or deposited directly into your bank account.
If you become a funded trader with The Apiary Fund, you will also have an opportunity to get checks as your share of profits. And when you buy trader training from Trader on the Street, you may also receive other opportunities to join in for a live trading session, during which one lucky attendee gets the opportunity to volunteer to trade with me, and keep the profits from the session.
Q: Can I also trade my own savings or retirement money using what you teach?
A: Absolutely. In fact, I encourage it — once you fully understand the model trading methods and risk-management measures that all of my traders must use when trading my money. There’s so much opportunity in the currency markets — I wouldn’t want to hold you back. This is a lifelong skill for generating an entrepreneurial income — whether you treat it as a side-hustle, or something more. And you can get started with even a small account — I’ve done demos with accounts of even just $1,000. This is a great way to hone your skills, make a little money, and get ready to make much more money as your account size grows.
Q: What makes your approach to trading so different?
A: One of the biggest differences in the way we trade — and what makes us so successful — is that we almost never go “all-in” on a trade. My Wobble Method — which you’ll get in your Trader Startup Bundle is all about working with the market movements. This gives you an opportunity to go bigger when the market is going your way…
But also limit your risk if the market doesn’t do what you expect. This has been crucial to my 500-plus session win streak. And because this is how I teach my traders, I’m able to trust them to trade my $600-million fund with high confidence we’re going to score some nice profits to share.
Q: I've tried and failed at trading — am I just destined to be a failure?
A: No! I never sweat a losing trade or even a losing streak, because the next trade you make could be a winner. What matters most is what you learn between trades.
Too many traders are sent into the market with bad information, often encouraged to take terrible risks that don’t make any sense at all. If this has happened to you, it’s not your fault! It’s just up to you to learn what to do to make success more likely next time. Whether your previous trading was misinformed or even just uninformed, you have the opportunity to learn to make more profits, more often — starting with your next trade. And with my approach to making money every day, you have the opportunity to start stacking wins and put those days of feeling like a failure behind you.
Q: Do I actually have to create a business?
A: No way. Although I think of this as an entrepreneurial trading opportunity, most independent traders are not incorporated or doing the trading inside a business. I simply find that it helps with your mindset to think of it like a business that succeeds by making a bit of profit every day. This is a complete paradigm shift from the way most people think about and teach trading. And it’s this mindset that’s led to my 500 straight winning trading sessions, and put me on the top of a $600 million investment fund.
Q: Can I really do this from anywhere?
A: Yes. If you can log in with a laptop, and maybe give yourself some quiet space to think and focus on trading for a couple hours, you can do this from anywhere. Most professional trading takes place in an office. But anywhere with an internet connection works. As I shared before, I even traded in the bed of a pickup truck next to a river in Idaho, with local fishing guide Gary Wood. After I wrote him a check for $1,157 in shared profits, we went fly fishing!
Q: Is it really possible to make more than $173 in a single hour?
A: My team recently shared a report with me, of 87 recent trading sessions, trading a $50,000 account. 

It included profits of: 
$1,347 in 30 minutes…
$1,524 in 45 minutes…
$1,406 in 59 minutes…
$1,368 in 37 minutes…
$962 in 56 minutes…

And 82 other sessions averaging profits of $1,270. Many of these lasted under an hour. A vast majority lasted under 2 hours. Even for those sessions that lasted more than an hour, every single case earned more than $173 per hour. So yes, it’s really possible to make more in an hour than the $173 that the average American makes for a day of hard work.
Q: What is the schedule like? Can I fit this around my other responsibilities?
A: The currency markets have the most flexible trading schedule in the world. They’re open from 5 PM Eastern time on Sunday evening, to 4 PM Eastern on Friday afternoon. That’s 24-hours-per-day, except on the weekends. This means you can log in and trade pretty much whenever you want. Which makes this perfect as a side hustle, or as a bigger entrepreneurial income opportunity.
Q: So what all is in the Trader Startup Bundle?
A: If you want to learn what it takes to get started and create an entrepreneurial income from trading, your Trader Startup Bundle has exactly what you need…

Make Your First Currency Trade ($97 Value)
How to Fund Your Trading Startup ($97 Value)
Finding Opportunities in Market Charts ($97 Value)
The Wobble Technique to Start Stacking Cash ($297 Value) 

You’ll get the Wobble Technique training plus the three additional guides, all at special package pricing, only available here.
Q: What are the fast-response bonuses and how can I get them?
A: In addition to the core components of your Trader Startup Bundle, you can grab these three fast-response bonuses…

The Habit of Making Money Every Day ($47 Value)
Secrets of "Model" Trading ($47 Value)
The Side Hustle Trading Mindset ($47 Value)

You’ll get these included in your Trader Startup Bundle and at no additional cost when you are one of the first 500 to grab access today.
Q: How much does this all cost?
A: Just the core components of your Trader Startup Bundle are valued at $588 — though they would even be a great investment at 10X that, or $5,880. Add in the fast response bonuses, and the combined value is $729. But if you grab your Trader Startup Bundle today — and are one of the first 500 — you’ll get lifetime access to all of it for one low price of just $37. With no additional payments, ever.
Q: Do you offer a guarantee?
A: Yes. Try everything for the next 90 days. Review every guide and lesson. See what it takes to get started. Prove to yourself you’ve just gotten your hands on the tools you need to get going as an entrepreneurial trader… Making trades… Generating income… Collecting profits. And if anything just doesn’t make sense, or if you decide it’s not right for you, let the friendly Trader on the Streets customer service team know.

You can email or call (702) 887-1484…You’ll get a prompt and courteous full refund of everything you invested today. You take on zero risk or obligation by getting started today — and you only have a world of opportunity to gain.
Q: What if right now is not the right time?
A: We understand if this is not the right time for you to get started trading. That’s why you get lifetime access to your Trader Startup Bundle. You don’t have to start trading yet to start learning about this opportunity. (And remember you’ll also learn about trading in simulation accounts to build your skills, before trading a dollar of real money.)

It’d still be a smart move to grab your Trader Startup Bundle today. Because there’s no guarantee this will be available — at this or any price, or with the fast response bonuses — on any other day.  It’s here, now, for the taking. So take it!

When opportunity presents itself — especially for less than the cost of a meal for two — it pays to grab onto it. That way, when it becomes the right time, it’ll be there when you’re ready. 
Q: Do I have to be a U.S. citizen?  
A: No. While our main office is located in the U.S., we have traders in every continent except Antarctica and in more countries than can be listed in this section.
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